Hola amigos πŸ™‚

In this post I going to cover my itinerary for Central & Latin America for November 2022.

✈️ Why I chose to do this trip?

Medellin, Colombia & Florianopolis, Brasil were on my bucket list for a very long time. Plus, for me it always makes more sense to travel during the cold months in Romania. For Latin America, I have seen that September-November is the best period to travel and for some reason, I got a really good deal for my plane ticket. I got it for $320 an 18hs flight from Bucharest to Panama City with a 3.5hs layover in Paris (which I was really lucky to find).

⏰ How long and am I going to spend in each city?

Ok, so my plan is to spend a decent amount of days depending on the city and activities I can do there. For starters, here is the my full itinerary:

✈️ 1-4.11 – Panama City, Panama

✈️ 4-10.11 – Medellin, Colombia

✈️ 10-16.11 – Cartagena, Colombia

✈️ 16-17.11 – Bogota, Colombia

✈️ 17-20.11 – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

✈️ 20-26.11 – Florianopolis, Brasil

✈️ 26-29.11 – Sao Paolo, Brasil

✈️ 29.11 – 3.12 – London, UK

πŸ’Έ How much would it cost me ?

Flights: €1500 (8 flights from with 2 crossing the Atlantic)

Local transport: ~€100/city x 7 cities = ~€700

AirBnBs/Hostels: ~€35/n x 29 nights = ~€1000 (I usually do a mix of 1 week hostel/1 week AirBnB)

Food: ~€30/d x 33 = €1000

Free tours & other stuff: €100

Activities: €150/city x 6 cities = €900

Travel Insurance: €40

Total: ~€5300