Woke up early in the morning full of energy and was still deciding where to go – so I have set a challenge to myself. If I am drinking my morning coffee with my left hand I am definitely visiting Cambridge, if not, Oxford wins. So I set my Moka pot, brew some coffee, randomly picked a book from the Black Edition Penguin’s collection and realised I was drinking with my right hand. Guess where I am going now 😛

Checked on Google Maps how to get there and decided to look in the train what I can do for the day. Rushed to London Paddington to catch the train at 09:30 AM which got me to Oxford in about an hour. Got a pretty good bargain for from TrainPal – £28rtn ticket with an off-peak return – not bad for someone who’s spending the day there.

Road for the day

I got up at the train station and was so lucky to have such an amazing sunny day ☀️

Intentionally I have set the route for the day to take maximum an hour because I wanted to chill most of the time in the Botanical Garden and also in get some sun tan in Merton Fields.

Observatory Street

The brightly coloured terraced houses in Observatory Street

The first stop in my list was the Observatory Street where you can see how beautifully are mixed the colored terraced houses. For a moment, I felt I was waking some streets during summer time in a Spanish area.

All Souls College

All Souls College

All Saints College was founded in 1438 by Henry VI. The college is located on the High Street and is truly majestic and is a must-see if you are in Oxford city centre. Recommended. Fantastic architecture with dreamy towers and spires.

Radcliffe Camera

Startled by the symmetry of Radcliffe Camera

Apparently this is the most photographed building in Oxford. Located just behind the Bodleian Library this stunning circular structure stands proudly surrounded by lawns. It was built in the mid-eighteenth century as a library covering a wide range of subjects but now only houses books for the history faculty. Well worth a visit if touring the city.

Covered Market

Outside view of Covered Market
Delve into Covered Market corridors

This is a large old traditional style market which sells a wide array of merchandise. The market dates back to the late eighteenth century and the exposed timber roof frames and columns give it a unique feeling. Very popular with tourist and locals alike. Shops were close when I visited but certainly recommend a visit when they open up.

Proper burger in the heart of the city

Time to get something quick to make pig of oneself – what else could make this day better if not an old-fashion burger and chips?

A well needed nap was waiting me on Merton Field. The grass was simply calling my name in a way that only I was able to hear it. And there I was, following my steps, foot after foot, embracing the nature and dazed by the sun.

Oxford Botanic Garden

Witnessing the nature at University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Last but not least we reached our final destination for the day. Mesmerized by the delicacy of the flowers gently blown by the wind, I witnessed how the insects were following their course of pollination. I felt so grateful to be an observant of such a lovely and calm landscape. That afternoon inspired me to spend the rest of my afternoon reading the book I had with me.

Close-up pollination