Started my day a bit late today and sipped my coffee in a rush whilst doing a quick shower and preparing my bag for the trip.  Once I arrived at Liverpool Street Station, realised I was 50 mins early (sometimes it’s good to read the departure time wrong 😅), and it was raining a bit outside. Perfect weather to slowly appreciate a Venti Caramel Machiatto 🤤 and enjoy a good book.

Liverpool Street Station
Train to Cambridge

The train trip was super nice, with lots of beautiful village landscapes, seeded lands and grasslands. Once I arrived there, I met Scarlett and we started our planned journey (here is the story on where we got to know each other).

Road Trip for the Day

  1. Get off at Cambridge Station
  2. Stroll in the Botanical Gardens
  3. Visit Fitzwilliam Museum
  4. Visit Corpus Christi College
  5. Go to Great St Mary’s Church
  6. Visit King’s College Chapel
  7. Admire the University of Cambridge
  8. Eat something nice from the market
  9. Head to St John’s College
  10. Walk back to the station via the River Cam

I have prepared a Google Maps road trip, just in case you need it, next time you’re getting there.

Stroll in the City

Since COVID-19 made sure all touristic attractions where pretty much closed, we couldn’t visit the colleges or churches from the inside. I got lucky the weather was pretty nice and could explore the heart of the city and admire the medieval architecture.

Walking outside the University of Cambridge walls

The first part of the day, the weather was a bit cloudy but still super nice to visit the city on foot. I was amazed at first on the number of tourists coming out to visit this beautiful city (it was Saturday anyway). For some reason, people weren’t wearing masks, but I guess this is just a general choice for everyone to make during a pandemic…

We walked by Fitzwilliam Museum but it was closed to visitors, so we continued our path into the heart of the city. Once there, the sun came out of the clouds and it was so nice to feel again the warmth on our faces. Great St Mary’s Church and King’s College Chapel were just there and we decided to take a lunch break in the centre of those to have a better view of all of them.

There was a market minutes walk from there called Market Hill and we got a mix of nibbles to eat on the go: some onion rings, roasted eggplants, chips with ketchup and mayo, quesadilla, some cheesy bites and ramen. Obviously, there were leftovers and we shouldn’t get that much food, but I was hungry and craving to eat all of them at once haha. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself. 😋

God, I needed a nap after this! But sometimes in life, we don’t get what we want, but hey, there is coffee. Two double espressos (mine with caramel) and we were back to “normal”.

My friends from London called me to schedule a rummy tournament later in that night and we decided to slowly head back to the train station. We got an alternative route just to see the other part of the city and we ended up over this beautiful bridge over River cam. The parks we passed by were so clean and nature itself was blending in uniformly in a way the bridges were actually there from the beginning of time.

Over the Mathematical Bridge on River Cam