Here we go again on another day trip, but this time we are going to cross off Macin Mountains from my checklist.

Why visiting Macin Mountains?

Well, first of all Macin Mountains are the closest mountains from where I currently live (about 2 hours by car). Last time I have been here it was more than 10 years ago and I haven’t got the chance to get to the mountain peak.

The Macin Mountains are of remarkable importance in the country’s mountains, being the oldest mountains in Romania. They are located in in Tulcea County, Dobrogea and the peak high is 467 m (Tutuiatu Peak).

Constanta to Macin Mountain

Started the journey by car from my flat on the beach following the national road DN22/E87 all the way to the closest village close on the mountain.

We found a really cosy B&B on called Pensiunea Relax which I highly recommend. Trust my word when I say they really worth their name. When we got to the reception, everyone that worked there was super chill and every time I wanted to pay (for the room or for the food), they kept saying I can pay when I check out and I should relax instead, which was really refreshing.

The menu is a bit limited but all things considered I think is better this way since you don’t have to waste time deciding what you want to eat. The pizza was home-made and it tasted really good. So what can you do after a great quattro staggioni? One word – Siesta!

We spent a couple of hours chilling on the pool, enjoyed a couple of beers and chose to get on track later in the evening. To be completely honest, it was so hot that day (30 degrees) that we almost cancelled the hike haha..but around 5pm we both agreed that we would be sorry the next day if we won’t do it.

Slowly after we got back to the room to change clothes and started our journey to the top. We asked around and there were 2 peaks each one with 2 tracks available – one for bicycles which was about 2 hours and one that was specifically designed for hiking and we chose the tallest peak. Obviously we took the easier and longer route – alas, we were on a getaway, earlier we got pizza & beers and had a siesta on the pool. Nobody’s rushing us anywhere 🤪

Future self-note: Get at least 2 liters of water per person and something sweet for a quick energy boost!

The road was quite alright and it took us 2 hours to get to the top and 1 hour back. We rushed a bit back since we got to the top exactly at sunset, got some beautiful landscape pictures from the top and had to rush back before getting completely dark and therefore, lost.

It was funny because when we were planning to descend, we barely had 200ml of water, both of us were very thirsty and planned the survival mode of split drinking 😂 Half way down, there was a pack of goats randomly rambling and some stray dogs, but we got back alive!

The experience was amazing and I totally recommend it for everyone, even you haven’t got a chance to hike a mountain before. The mountain trip is overall easy to hike, but bear in mind to get plenty of water with you. Especially during summer time.