Monaco is the place to go for two days of enjoyment. You can ride to both Italy and France and return in time for lunch, and it’s convenient to get there and enjoy the lovely weather. Your guide to the little city-state is provided here.

Day 1 – Monaco

I didn’t have a car, but many tend to take the Nice to Monte Carlo route. By car, you can reach Monte Carlo in about 40 minutes. Buses take approximately 30 minutes from Nice to Monte Carlo and leave from Gare de Nice. Note that there are buses every 20-30 minutes. The last bus back to Nice is at 11:01 PM and the first bus leave just after 5 AM. So you don’t actually need a rental for your trip to Monte Carlo.

Personally, I took a train from Gare de Nice for about 25 minutes to get to Monaco Monte-Carlo station and the scenery outside was just amazing.

Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is a Principality and a self-governing city-state. You can see why using public transit could be preferable than hiring a car given that the region is slightly over 2 square kilometers. Monaco is a city that can be completely explored on foot.


Perhaps the obvious first option is the Monte Carlo Casino. The Casino de Monte Carlo, as it is formally known, is an entertainment complex that has appeared in several motion pictures. You should dress nicely, especially if you are visiting late at night. Inside, the design is rather opulent and conjures up images of James Bond. Really nice, no? The Casino is considerably smaller than anticipated, but it’s still glitzy and well worth a visit, I can assure you. Make sure you have €10 per adult (from October to May) and €12 per adult (from May to October) for the entrance charge.

Did you know that it is prohibited for Monte Carlo residents to enter the casino’s gaming areas?


In the center of Monaco, a lovely Japanese garden? I had to attend this one. I like the surroundings, and I’m always up for a pleasant botanical excursion. We’ll go check out the garden if there is one. What’s best? Entrance is completely free.


Monaco enjoys year-round, generally favorable weather. Wintertime lows are seldom below 10 degrees, with January being the coldest. The warmest month is July, which averages roughly 26 degrees C. In Monaco, stylish clothing, glamorous footwear, and accessories are required.

Day 2 – Nice

Enjoy foodie experiences

Nice provides a wide variety of culinary experiences, including cooking classes, fine dining, and attractive outdoor cafes, but we chose the nomadic way of serving it on the stairs along with other fellow nomads.

Walk along Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais, better known as Prom, is a well-known boulevard that winds down the Mediterranean coastline with a broad and extended pedestrian walkway, which is another reason I choose this spot. It’s a wonderful location for a leisurely stroll, seeing the beaches, and dining.

A brief history reveals that this route began as a 6-foot-wide trail. The Prom wasn’t split into two roads until 1931, when a palm tree boulevard served as the barrier.

A stroll or jog down the Promenade should unquestionably be included on your list of activities to do in Nice, France.

Main Expenses

  • Flight: €25rtn per person (booked via WizzAir) from Otopeni to Nice Airport
  • Accommodation: €116 (booked via AirBnB) for 2 nights in a wonderful flat in central Nice
  • Medical Insurance: $7.5 (only on SafetyWing) for 5 days of traveling