Yup is my birthday! Alas! And how else would I celebrate it if not hiking another mountain peak in Romania? But since today is a special day, I decided to get my mother with me up to the top. Spoiler alert: she got there before I did 🙈 Just look how fresh she is at 6:30 am in the morning.

My brave mom ready for hiking

After a long trip, we had yesterday getting here from Constanta to Busteni (~5hs) due to heavy traffic, I was feeling grateful to know we have a cable car available to take us up to 1800m early in the morning, so we can continue from there up to 2210m. 💣 Bad news: the guys from the weather control told us the cabin won’t work due to heavy wind coming from the top 🌬We waited for the weather to clear for a couple of hours, but we weren’t lucky.

But that didn’t stop us from getting to the top. So we took an alternative route from Busteni to Piatra Arsa via Transbucegi and then we walked from there up to the top for about 2 hours.

Once we got to Piatra Arsa, we had to pay 10lei entrance fee pp, prepared the bags with plenty of water and snacks and parked the car. The path was good enough for a walk and I would say everyone would be able to do it.