Since I was busy with work on Thursday and Friday in Bucharest, I decided to treat myself on Saturday with some fresh mountain air. Woke up at 7:30 am and at 8 am was already on the road with my special friend, both excited to get there and ready for hiking.

Below you can find the road trip we took for the day, just so you can have an overall idea if you plan to do the same.

We were lucky enough not to get traffic towards the mountains and the return way was the same. We came back at about 11pm but only because we wanted to spend some quality time in Sinaia in the evening. 😛

Going back to the morning, the first stop was in Ploiești were we pumped up both ourselves with coffees with caramel topping and the car, so we won’t have to stop until we get back to Bucharest.

Once we got to Sinaia, we reached the 1000m altitude and then at the crossroad, we turned right via TransBucegi and after a half an hour of endless curves and sheer drops, we reached 1600m altitude, but the wait was totally worth it.

Astonishing panoramic at 1600m from TransBucegi viewpoint

The blackberries and raspberries were refreshing, the mountain air was easing my lungs and the sheep strolling around in packs were filling the picture in a beautiful way and kept my mind distracted for a bit from the hectic life in the capital.

Half an hour later and around midday we got to Zănoaga Mountain. Almost got my car sank into a pond whilst crossing it (trusted my gut that it would pass and it really did haha)

The mountain road took us about 4-5 hours in total (that’s 2 ways), but that’s because we did many stops quick bites, water breaks and finally when we got to the lake we spent an hour chilling and filling up with some proper Vitamin D 😛

It was super exciting to see so many people going for a hike during Covid pandemic, but I think it safe to say all, we took all precautions (kept distance and washed/sanitized our hands) so we can all enjoy the beautiful weather and the nature.