Ahoy fellow nomads 🦜

Today I am writing from Rovaniemi, Finland and was thinking about what to do next in late Spring until the season starts in Constanta and I will eventually get busy with tourists.

Will be back from the current trip mid-December (hopefully 🤞) to spend the Christmas with the family and until Spring I will have to decorate all my flats and get them ready for tourists in summertime. For the last one I am really planning to spend a bit more time, since that will be my new “home” (if I can call it that way) – it would basically be the main place where I am coming back from my travels and refill my energy for the next ones.

The route I am planning to take is Romania ->Bulgaria -> North Macedonia -> Kosovo -> Serbia -> Bosnia & Herzegovina -> Croatia -> Slovenia -> Hungary -> Romania. (the ones underlined are the ones that I haven’t been to yet). The whole road trip shouldn’t take more than 4,000kms and I think 2 months should work given the current plan. About 50 hours of driving split between 8 weeks is really not that bad.

I am trying my best to tick the remaining countries I haven’t visited yet from Europe and why not doing it in a road trip? This one is going pretty well so far! Still haven’t seen the Northern Lights, but hopefully soon I will 🤞

Edit: I have seen the Northern Lights for the first time in Rovaniemi, Finland during week 5 and the second time in Tromso, Norway.

You can check out the map below:

Edit: So far the next trip would resume to smth like below:

Week I – Bulgaria & North Macedonia

  • Bucharest – Sofia
  • Sofia – Skopje

Week II – Kosovo & Serbia

  • Skopje – Pristina
  • Pristina – Belgrade

Week III – Serbia & Bosnia

  • Belgrade – Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo – Mostar

Week IV – Croatia

  • Mostar – Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik – Split
  • Split – Zadar

Week V – Croatia & Slovenia

  • Zadar – Zabreb
  • Zagreb – Ljubliana

Week VI – Slovenia & Hungary

  • Ljubliana – Maribor
  • Maribor – Budapest

Week VII – Hungary & Romania

  • Budapest – Arad
  • Arad – Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • Drobeta – Bucuresti

If anyone is interested in joining me, leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram (@costinbotez) ✌️

Stay tuned, stay safe and keep healthy!