Heya 🤪 This morning I was super lazy and my AirBnB flatmate went to the office pretty early in the morning and I had to catch the train to Vienna at 12:44pm – it was a bit rainy so I took the time to do some reaseach on how I can use my time efficiently in Vienna, what are the top things to do, make a plan for both days and nights, so I won’t have to do that later.

Have you ever had that feeling when you plan to plan something? 😅 That’s what I usually do when I don’t feel like planning but it makes me feel better and organised just to know that I need to do smth later to keep me active.

Hoped in the train and already felt super hungry. I really don’t want to sound bad here, but there is no way I can compare the trains from Romania with the trains crossing Germany to Austria. The space was gigantic, I had everything I need in terms of fuses boxes (US, UK and EU style), 3 x USB outputs, a Jack out, entertainment tablet, and top-of-the-top: à la carte serving 🥰

Brekkie in the train 😛

I was super happy after that and the whole journey I admired nature, continued reading Colleen Hoover’s novels and arrived at 20:45 in Wien. Not bad for £50 ticket.

Once arrived at Wien Hbf, the fresh air started to kick in and the weather got better. Rushed to my AirBnB to take a quick shower and change clothes and then went out for a nice stroll in the city Center.

I was super impressed by the architecture and I felt really bad because last time I have been to Vienna I spent 2 days driving around, getting parking fees and spent all nights in clubs 😅…

To be honest, I have never seen another capital in Europe to amaze me that much so quickly. It’s good it was night and quiet on the streets for that I could admire each building.

More to come…