Country: Romania

First getaway for 2021 – Iași, România

Written on 4th February, 2021 in Europe

Day 0.5 Was waiting for this day for such a long time. I was so excited to go out again after a very long pause due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Packed my bags late in the morning and realised I have a long way to go to Bucharest to pick up my bestie for...

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Hiking up to Babele and Sfinx on My Birthday

Written on 5th October, 2020 in Europe

Yup is my birthday! Alas! And how else would I celebrate it if not hiking another mountain peak in Romania? But since today is a special day, I decided to get my mother with me up to the top. Spoiler alert: she got there before I did 🙈 Just look how fresh she is at...

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One Day Trip to Bucegi Mountains

Written on 9th September, 2020 in Europe

Since I was busy with work on Thursday and Friday in Bucharest, I decided to treat myself on Saturday with some fresh mountain air. Woke up at 7:30 am and at 8 am was already on the road with my special friend, both excited to get there and ready for hiking. Below you can find...

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One Week Away in the The Heart of Transylvania

Written on 31st August, 2020 in Europe

Hey guys! In this post I will share my travel around Transylvania done with 2 of closest friends. Below you can see the entire road trip: Day 1 – Sinaia We started our day beautifully and then a nice lady was too busy to hold the break and bumped into us 😅as soon as we...

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