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2 Nights in Cologne: A Peaceful city

Written on 5th July, 2020 in Europe

Cologne. Right. So I headed out from Brussels (or Bruxelles) by train and I got in the centre of the city in about 2 hours (1:50hs to be precise). The city blew my mind for 2 main reasons: quiet and quiet. Day and night when I walked around the city, on the riverwalk, in the...

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2 Nights in Brussels: The Perfect Weekend Stroll

Written on 4th July, 2020 in Belgium

Hey guys 🙂 In this post, you’ll find out more about my track to Brussels, Belgium. This was also my last day in London so it really had a mixed vibe haha. Started my day preparing the bags and handing over the keys to my flat in Battersea (which I will miss it) and headed...

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